I am passionately anchored to the idea that making great images is a privilege and a pleasure. I work with my clients at locations of their choice.

M.Photog, Cr, CPP. Named in the Indiana Top Ten Photographer several years in a row. 

Haroon is an award winning Master Photographer, Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) offering amazing portraiture from CEO's to newborn babies, from professional models to model students. He designs sittings so that the individual is portrayed in the best light, accentuating their best physical attributes. Innovative portrait styling and techniques enhance each portrait. Haroon's extensive training in lighting techniques enhance existing natural light when working in natural settings, exploiting the location for maximum effect.

All successful photo shoots involve logistic challenges. Haroon enlists a disciplined team to coordinate all aspects of the photo shoot.

From illuminating a macro-sized product of highly sophisticated nature to illumination of large architectural details, from lighting the eye of a high school senior for perfect gleam, to lighting a CEO for a powerful expression.

From collaborative meetings with individuals and large corporate clients to achieve the desired result without exceeding your budget, Haroon takes control of a successful photo shoot.


  • M.Photog, Cr, CPP
  • Graduate with a Masters degree in Geology
  • Executive for large healthcare firm for over two decades
  • Executive development in various aspects of management
  • Studied various aspects of photography at the renowned International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City.

As a child I received the cherished gift of a camera from my parents.  I recall taking pictures of everything - the brightly painted markets, abundant exotic fruits, native flowers, colorful food stalls, hand painted autos, and the verdant north western frontier, never believing I might become an artist since a career in the arts was highly undervalued and discouraged in my country of origin, Pakistan. It was only during the reflective years of my life that I decided to give up the pursuit of executive positions within the corporate world and take on photography as a career.

Born and raised across the globe, I moved to Chicago in my early 20's, soon thereafter becoming an American citizen. Educated both in the East and the West, I completed my Masters in Geology from the University of Punjab. I found myself satisfying my love of nature by immersing myself in the natural world . Despite my love of the outdoors, I moved into healthcare management in my early 30's and went on to complete the Executive Business Management program and built a successful career at the executive level for over 25 years. I was thrilled to turn to my childhood passion for photography into a profession. I currently reside in Hershey, PA.