Memories are what we hold close to our hearts

I offer a natural, elegant and laid back approach to capturing your images. My aim is simple, to create beautiful, natural and stylish images that capture your spirit. All done in a friendly, relaxed and unobtrusive way. Born and raised across the globe, I moved to the US in my 20's, soon thereafter becoming an American citizen. After spending a long career as an executive in healthcare management, I left the corporate world to pursue my passion for photography as a profession. I am now a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) a member of Professional Photographers of America where I hope a Master Photographer Degree as we as a Craftsman Degree.

When I started shooting professionally, I realized I could tell the stories but I also understood that I knew how to capture the stories around me.. Weddings and family portraits can be so orchestrated but I know what’s going to happen, it always does. You photograph people who are in love and candid moments will happen,I love capturing those moments.  I am not a photographer who forces a moment, so I won’t tell dad to hug his daughter,  I know he loves her and when he does hug her , I will be there to capture that moment and all moments that matters. Beauty is found where you seek it. I love everything about love and that is why I want to photograph you!          ~ Haroon